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Since leaving the Royal Shakespeare Company, Ruth Rosen, has established a unique international reputation for her highly individualised literary portraits and has appeared at many major national and international festivals and theatres.  She has collaborated with many writers, with whom she has frequently given performances, including Harold Pinter, D.M. Thomas and biographer Michael Holroyd.

Ruth's solo shows and dramatized readings, which she has devised and researched herself, are based on the work of a wide range of writers and other personalities.  These include Virginia Woolf, Charlotte Bronte, Lou-Andreas Salome, John Keats,  William Blake, James Joyce, Gandhi, Emily Bronte, George Sand, Anna Freud, Elizabeth Bishop, the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and Scottish poet W.S. Graham. 

She has also devised and performed a series of lunchtime performances at Tate Britain, inspired by and performed amongst the paintings of Turner, William Blake and Burne-Jones.


National Theatre Platform Performances:


The poems of W.S. Graham, with Harold Pinter  

The Centenary of Anna Akhmatova 

The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas

"You Will Hear Thunder", A Celebration of the Life of Anna Akhmatova, written for her by D.M. Thomas 

Bright Star - The poems and letters of John Keats

Outsiders: Five Women Writers Who Changed The World, with Lyndall Gordon


Described by the British Council as "One of England's leading poetry and prose performers", she has given performances in America, Russia, the Far East, Canada and South Africa. 


Her current solo shows are "Bright Star" - the poems and letters of John Keats; "Man Without a Mask" - the poetry, prose, letters and other writings of William Blake; and the BBC's  "The Nations Favourite Poems".

'"Daggers Drawn" - from the Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci and the Sonnets and Letters of Michelangelo - is in collaboration with Martin Kemp.

Recent shows include:

Anselm Kiefer: "Where Words Catch Fire", Kiefer Exhibition, Royal Academy London

William Blake: "Man Without A Mask", Blake Exhibition Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Petworth Literary Festival; Felpham Blake Festival; Sir John Soane's Museum; Oxford Literary Festival; Chichester Festival Theatre

"Keats: Bright Star" Keats Shelley Museum, Rome; Blenheim Palace Literary Festival; Illkley Literature Festival; The National Theatre, London

"Go Thou To Rome" Narration, Keats' Documentary Film, Keats-Shelley Museum, Rome

"Leonardo: In His Own Words", Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, Science Museum, London

Charles Simic Poems, Maestro Arts, London

Don Quixote Narration,  Jerusalem Music Centre, Jerusalem

Outsiders: Five Women Writers Who Changed The World, National Theatre, London

'Daggers Drawn': from the Notebooks of Leonardo and the Sonnets and Letters of Michelangelo. (With Martin Kemp), The British Library

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