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"She has cornered the market in poetry reading."                                                           
The Sunday Times

"The audience was spell-bound."

                                                                          The Poetry Society

"Miss Rosen's sensitive reading filtered the rare poetry in an unforgettable way."

 The Birmingham Post

"An inspired theatrical performance of great power and such tones that all sense of time and space is utterly lost."  

Time Out

"Ruth Rosen's performance brought shimmering critical notices."                                
 The Sunday Telegraph

"Ruth Rosen combines a commanding presence with great
sensitivity and becomes quite transfixing, the keystone
of a production hypnotic in its intensity."                                     
The Edinburgh Festival Times

"Poetry has always been at the very centre of Ruth Rosen's life
and she is a first rate speaker of it." 
        Harold Pinter                             
"Her emotional gravitas...subtle handling...
delicacy of diction...almost unbearably moving...
her luminous energy"                                                                                    
 Yorkshire Times                                                      
"A splendid evening, a fascinating programme....she held
the audience enthralled "
                                                                                    Evening Standard

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